He spent five years to develop a smart safe

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He spent five years to develop a smart safe

Lianyungang City, Donghai County, Zhang Heng is a retired from the public security front of the seventy years old, he used 8 years, invented a high-tech anti-theft products - multi-functional intelligent anti-theft security.
72-year-old Zhang Heng told reporters that he did a few years of public security work, officially retired in 2001. One day, a neighbor to find him, said the house was stolen things, want to help the old boss to see the past. So, Zhang Heng help, can you develop a kind of anti-theft facilities. Zhang Heng to help dry on the dry, he looked around the information in the county looking for mechanical experts to consult, but also bought a lot of steel, wire, welding equipment, began to pound from the production of anti-theft security. At first the family felt that this was only his temporary rise, but slowly, we found that he is not only tired and more and more concentrated.
After more than a year of efforts, in 2003, Zhang Heng to help the first safe came out, Zhang Heng to immediately apply for a patent, the State Intellectual Property Office in October 2003 for his product called "a multi-function safe" patent certificate.
Although to get a patent, but slowly Zhang Heng found the same kind of products on the market with their own products have the same anti-theft function, he decided to improve their own products. Zhang Heng Gang has repeatedly to Zhejiang, Ningbo, Guangdong, Shanghai and other places to study, he spent almost all the pension, but he always insisted on creating the best safe.
In 2008, after several improvements in learning, Zhang Heng to help the product once again won the national patent, when his safe with anti-theft function has been far more than the vast majority of products on the market.
In order to make their own safe anti-theft effect better, Zhang Heng help began to continue to introduce some high-tech elements, after eight consecutive years of improvement, in 2011 his ultimate product - intelligent anti-theft safe finally born. Reporters in his simple plant to see this new product, from the appearance of it with the ordinary product is no different, but it is inside and outside the universe, a hard disk video camera at any time around the record of static and dynamic, double anti-theft lock to ensure foolproof, automatic capture thief There are ulterior motives. April 8, Zhang Heng to help the product to the market for the first time to show the masses, and the scene to invite you to experience, experienced people are full of praise for the product.
Last year in August, Zhang Heng will be intelligent anti-theft security to the Shanghai Ministry of Public Security Quality Certification Center for anti-sabotage test, then the certification center of the two experts gave a special trip to the East China Sea to verify the scene, experts on the product's anti-theft function given Fully affirmed that the product also successfully obtained the China Security Technology Certification Center issued by the national mandatory product 3C certification.
At present, Zhang Heng has been declared for the new product of the third patent, while his product has more than 20 units put into use, the user reflects the very good. Zhang Heng said, "Last year, when a boss of Zhejiang offer millions of want to buy my patent, I did not sell.
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