Home safe, you choose right?

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Home safe, you choose right?

With the increase in people's awareness of anti-theft, safe from the commercial development to the home, many families will be configured with a large or small safe. How do I choose a safe? April 3, the reporter interviewed the industry.
It is understood that the safe lock cylinder from the original mechanical lock into the current password lock, fingerprint lock. Neijiang a safe store head Wang Lenggang told reporters from the security point of view, try not to choose pure mechanical lock cylinder safe, you can choose a lock with a lock or fingerprint lock. Second, it depends on the quality and weight of the safe, in general, pure steel safety and other materials compared to the safe, superior quality. Finally, depends on the safety gate and the gap between the door and the door, the gap between the smaller the gap, the probability of being pry open the smaller. It is best to pick the door and the door frame was "U" font fit the safe. (Full media reporter Gu Peiling)


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