Ningbo Jinhao Security Equipment Co., Ltd. on the online sales of our product statement

Ningbo Jinhao Security Equipmen...

Our products only authorized Jingdong Mall self "Jinhao" brand cabinets, Taobao and other network platforms have never been sold, in order to protect the interests of consumers, please partners and con...
Safe into the furniture industry, more humane

Safe into the furniture industr...

[9] is building materials network] in the market economy under the birth of the environment, China's safe industry to enter the development of the fast lane. More and more "quality and cheap"
He spent five years to develop a smart safe

He spent five years to develop ...

Lianyungang City, Donghai County, Zhang Heng is a retired from the public security front of the seventy years old, he used 8 years, invented a high-tech anti-theft products - multi-functional intellige...
Home safe, you choose right?

Home safe, you choose right?

With the increase in people's awareness of anti-theft, safe from the commercial development to the home, many families will be configured with a large or small safe. How do I choose a safe? April 3, th...
China's safe industry network:

China's safe industry network: ...

Safe deposit box has always been an important member of office furniture, with the development of society, in recent years, the status of safe living in the family has become particularly important. A ...


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